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SeaTac to Whidbey Island (North Bound)

Online reservations must be made 24 hours in advance. Please call the office to make a late booking reservation.

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Parking available at Oak Harbor, Bayview, Langley/Clinton

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Booking Times

  • Travelers please allow at least a 2-hour window to allow for delays in routes and processing at the airport.
  • Please plan to arrive 2 hours before your flight departure. For international flights, please allow 3 hours to departure.
  • Times are not exact on all schedules.
  • Passengers are responsible for booking accurate reservations.

Cancellation and Change of Date Policy

  • Cancelling within 24 hours of travel or the same day as travel is Non-Refundable.
  • Changing the date or cancelling before 24 hours of travel is $10 per passenger.
  • No notice of not riding the shuttle on the same day is non-refundable.

Reservations Facts

  • Reservations are completed upon payment with a debit/credit card, or cash.
  • An existing reservation may be updated or changed up to 24 hours prior to travel through the online reservation system.
  • Please arrive at our pickup locations at least 10 minutes early for faster boarding.
  • SeaTac boarding is located on the baggage claim level, outside Door 2, and under the Airporter sign.

Baggage Included in the Reservation

  • 3 bags per passenger includes the following: personal item, carry on, and standard checked bag.
  • Car seats, booster seats, and umbrella strollers are also transported at no additional cost and will be stowed in the baggage compartment.

Extra Baggage

  • Additional bags are transported at $5 each direction of travel.
  • Bikes, trunks, boxes, skis, golf clubs, pet carriers and large strollers are $10 each direction of travel (oversized/overweight/bags/boxes/other items will be assessed at $20 each)
  • Drivers reserve the right to decline excessive, over-sized, overweight, or odorous cargo.

Animals (aggressive animals will not be permitted)

  • Service dogs (ADA approved) must be harnessed and will not be permitted to occupy a seat but must lie or stand at the feet of the passenger.
  • Service dogs traveling with sight or hearing-impaired passengers, or documented disability passengers will be carried free of charge.
  • Companion, therapy, or emotional support pets do not meet ADA guidelines and must be housed in pet carriers and will be charged per our fee schedule.